Real estate and business law - Mallorca & Ibiza  

What is the difference in Spain between a lawyer and a solicitor?

In Spain there is no difference between the two. Law graduates are given the title "Licenciados en Derecho". After graduating, it is mandatory to become a member of the bar association (Colegio de Abogados) in order to be licensed as an "abogado" to begin practising. Other professions for law graduates include procurador (barrister), notary, judge, tax inspector or land registrar, among many others. High-ranking law professionals in the public administrations are very well regarded because access exams are extremely difficult and vacancies are scarce.

Taxes related to real estate acquisitions and ownership

VAT or ITP (Spanish property transfer tax)

Wealth tax
Municipal tax (plusvalía)

IBI, annual property tax
Waste recycling tax

Imputed income tax

Gains tax (for sellers)

Other expenses related to real estate acquisitions


Apart from taxes, other expenses include the Notary and  the Land Registrar fees. 

How are the legal fees determined? 

Fees are not subject to any scale or recommendation set by law. They are based on a number of criteria: amount at stake, timescale, difficulty, degree of specialisation, level of experience with the type of case or even the likelihood of success.

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